Thyroid Problem 

By Gerald Razon

I have suffered from thyroid problems for over a year. I used to take steroids and chamomile extract spray for relief. As an occasional vocalist and a trainer by profession, my voice is pivotal to me. I lost my falsetto for a while, was unable to hit my usual pitch. My voice used to get easily tired when doing training sessions.

After taking NOAH₂ for only 2 weeks, my thyroid issue was gone. My usual pitch was back and my keyboardist was amazed at the immediate effect. No more steroids and spray now. It’s a blessing to discover this wonderful product!

Remarkable Results! 

By Ivy Hiebert

I started taking NOAH₂ tablets on my workout for the past few days. I put one NOAH₂ tablet in 1L of water and drink it before I work out and put another two NOAH₂ tablets in 1L of water during my workout. The results I am achieving are truly remarkable! 

I have not felt any heaviness in my muscles due to lactic acid build ups. During my workout I didn’t have any hunger pains either. My heart rate stabilized quickly and I had so much energy. I didn’t feel dehydrated which I used to feel I wasn’t getting enough water during my workouts. I am sweating but not profusely. My left foot used to fall asleep during cardio, due to an old injury, but now I get enough circulation to that foot and the ankle which was paining me due to slight arthritic kind of pain is gone.

I am enjoying my workout more than ever! Yeah!

No More Painful Menstruation

By Analea Tubig, Librarian

During my menstruation, I always experience dysmenorrhea, severe back pain, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea or constipation, headache, dizziness, disorientation, fainting, fatigue and hypersensitivity to sound, light, smell and touch. But to my amazement, after only two days of taking NOAH₂, I don’t experience painful menstruation anymore. Having this good result, I also convinced my husband who’s overweight to take  NOAH₂. Two weeks later, his tummy instantly became smaller. Thanks to this tablet! Can’t wait to see more incredible effects.

imageOvercoming Diabetes

By Juanito Dy

I am a diabetic and hypertensive person for more than 6 years and I always experience difficulties on controlling my blood sugar and blood pressure levels. Aside from these ailments, I also experience severe hunger pangs every time I miss my meals or snacks and this thing makes me weak. I could not easily recover from this ailment in two to three days time. I could not sleep well too.

When NOAH₂ was introduced to me, I was so skeptic because the benefits seems too good to be true. However, after using NOAH₂ for two weeks, my blood sugar and blood pressure levels went down to normal. The severe hunger pangs did not strike me again and I started to have a good sleep too.

On top of this, two of my maintenance medicines were stopped because of the changes and improvement on my body. Another bonus from NOAH₂ is the improvement of my endurance. I don’t easily get tired anymore and my dry skin became healthy also. Thank you for sharing NOAH₂ to me!

Strong Again At 82

By Emma F. Marquez, Businesswoman

What a wonderful feeling to be strong again! After taking NOAH₂ water, who would think that at age 82, I could do the following…

1. Walk four blocks to go to church (I have leg pains before)

2. Clean and fix my home in Baguio while on a weekend vacation (I easily get exhausted before)

3. Have a retentive memory while I conduct my meetings with my sales people (I used to easily forget)

4. Diminished low back pains (I have spondylolisthesis which gave me chronic pain)

5. Can shop for hours in the mall (I used to get tired easily)

At my age 82, wouldn’t you want to do the same? Enjoy life every minute! So take NOAH₂ Now!

Muscle and Gas Pains

By Lyd Adalia

Before I took NOAH₂ I have a severe pain in my buttocks, back and muscle pains, and severe gas pains. After a week of taking NOAH₂ tablets I was relieved. Now I am doing fine with my daily activities especially with my commitment as lector in our parish. Thanks God and to NOAH₂!

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

By Marlon Magtira, Journalist

In the past 20 years or so, my work as a journalist entails extended hours working in front of the computer. In the course of my profession, I have developed this distinctive painful feeling in both of my hands. I may have tried all the available pain reliever products on earth, and consulted numerous physicians, experts and all. But none prevailed. I was advised to minimize the time I will spend on the keyboards, which I can’t afford to do. So I continued to experience this situation and even reached a point where I just want to ignore the pain.

When I was introduced to NOAH₂ tablets a few weeks ago, I thought it was just another stuff to try. But I was surprised that the my hand pains started to disappear in only about two days after I started using NOAH₂. I finally found what I need to kick away those pains. Thank you, NOAH₂!


Skin Asthma

By Mayeth Lin

Last July, my little Luaine was rushed to the hospital due to her severe asthma attack that made her feet, fingers, neck, eyelids, lips and tongue rapture with blisters, the sight was heart-wrecking to see this 3 year old suffer. The doctors told me that they will start steriods to alleviate her pain and she was with intravenous (IV) as she was not eating for days due to the blistered tongue.


I was given NOAH₂ and gambled with it in desperation. I put 6 tablets of NOAH₂ in a big pail and submerged my little girl in it for an hour, signing a waiver that I will be responsible for my actions to do it to Luaine in hospital premises. After that, I gave her a cup of water with 2 NOAH₂ tablets. Few minutes later, I administered another round of NOAH₂ water to her and made it round the clock, making sure that she takes it every hour. And WHOOLAH, just 2 hours after, to my amazement she asked for food and her fever subsided, her flaky skin was not that itchy for her and she slept so soundly that night. I did the same routine the next day and she was out of intravenous late that afternoon and regained her appetite. Not only that, fever left her and we were checked out the next day! Imagine only a day and a half of NOAH₂, it really helped Luaine and specially me! The gamble to trust NOAH₂ for a little girl was indeed WORTH it! Thank you NOAH₂!

Weight Loss, Dysmenorrhea and

Lighter Skin

By Sis. Ray Ann Saria, Businesswoman

NOAH₂ is God’s blessing to me! I started using NOAH₂ regularly since September 14, 2011 and I felt the difference!

I don’t experience headache anymore even without sleep, I lost weight and soon to be sexy, I have regular bowel movement, I don’t have dysmenorrhea anymore during my menstrual period. Lastly, my boyfriend and my friends told me that my skin became lighter and my face became blooming.

Skin Asthma

By Exci Leonar

I have skin asthma. After drinking at least four 16-oz. glasses of water with NOAH₂ everyday, my skin cleared up and I noticed that it became radiant & vibrant! What an incredible results!


By Dra. Nita Estrellas (Founder, Estrellas Homecare Clinic)

I have ulcers. I take Nexium and Zantac. When I learned about NOAH₂ alkaline tablet, I took 1 tablet last night because I experienced heartburn. After two minutes, I burped and passed out gas. I was relieved. Tonight, I took another tablet, my heartburn was gone.Thanks to NOAH₂. Now I will not take synthetic tablet anymore.

Hydration and Nutrition

By Jason and Susan Nixon (Kona, Hawaii IronMan World Championship Qualifier 2011)

Aloha! Jason and I rocked Ironman Hawaii! NOAH₂ did its job and is working! Gave both of us the needed cellular hydration and nutrition! Pure energy! Power!

Quality Sleep, Mental Stability and Mood, Constipation

By Anthony Plofino, Call Center Agent

For me, I’ve been having better quality of sleep, and as a result, I am less irritable. I am no longer ill-tempered. Sleep is very important to me because I work in a call center. Even at times when I get less sleep than necessary, I have noticed that I am more mentally alert. As for my wife, she no longer experiences constipation. Thanks to NOAH₂!

Dialysis and Edema

By Lanie Leonardo

NOAH₂ is just amazing! After 1 week of using NOAH₂, my husband (diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease and undergoing dialysis every week for 4-5 hours) who has edema on his lower extremities and almost no daily urine output for months, now experienced increased urine output and decreased edema to no edema at all on both his lower extremities. My mother-in-law and I have also felt better in our bodies after using NOAH₂.

Frozen Shoulder, Good Sleep, Good Digestion

By Fe Arandez

Thanks to NOAH₂! My husband’s frozen shoulder was healed after one week of taking NOAH₂ - one tablet per liter of water. And it’s also amazing that my Mom’s pain due to arthritis has been reduced. I can enjoy my shopping and grocery tour because I feel better and have more energy. I get to sleep well, have better digestion and experience no more pain in my legs. By God’s will, my diabetes will leave me alone because my friend NOAH₂ will help me. Good day everyone and God bless.